Freedom in Serving

Think back on the day you said “I do.” “I do” is the little two word phrase we say in response to the vows of for better or for worse. For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health. Until death do us part. It is the response we give to the question of “do you commit every bit of your life to this person and love them more than you love yourself?” Power impact in those two little words, yet how wonderful to hear coming from the one on this earth that you love most. When you said “I do,” think about the climate of that day. You woke up and you had one objective on your mind, and that was to meet the love of your life and commit your life to them. It’s easy to look at that day and simply think about the obvious events that encompassed that day, but I want you to meditate for a moment the subtle feelings that were felt as the hour drew near. There was an excitement as your closest family and friends gathered together to celebrate the bond that had been built between you and your soon to

Straight to the point: Be you.

 In a culture that is incredibly bent on being successful and trying to influence you to be certain things: Be you.  For anyone that needs to hear this, please hear it loud and clear: You DO NOT have to be something you are not in order to gain favor with people. If you are feeling the pressure to put on a show or to tout about all the wonderful things you are or have done, please stop.  I am someone who struggles with approval. I want to be liked. Not just liked, I want to be respected and revered as a man people look up to. In my mind there is a slight problem with that. I'm not a physically strong person. I'm not a dynamic communicator. I have a slight southern accent sprinkled with years of striving to pronounce words the way they are meant to be said. I am not wealthy or have the nicest house or truck. I work in a factory swinging shifts. I'm not a power house of knowledge. I'm not a great theologian. I'm an average looking guy. I struggle to stay disciplined.

The Clock Counts Our Days

 In the silence of the morning, you can hear it's life in steady rhythm. The steady heartbeat of a wall mounted clock, without adrenaline or arrhythmia, the sound is consistent and endless  Time beats on:  Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock. With coffee in hand, a new morning begins. The sunrises in the east with majestic views of His glory But we've seen it before and we move on to something fresh So we turn on the TV for New headlines of the same old story. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and lately even local We willing trade them our peace for a cortisol shock. Time is money, and money is made on emotions. With every view they sow discord for cash :  Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock. Dazzling frost covered fields shimmer as cows graze on grass Sun on the horizon surrounded by color as steam rolls off the pond Perfect winter mornings with His creation on display All unseen and distracted by radio: "Beloved Citizen, you've been conned!" Before you know it, you've arrived at your job Anxie

Grace in Goal Setting

I am joining the ranks of bloggers who have crafted their New Year's post to discuss goals and what the future holds for them this year (check out one from my brother Chrys here ). The year 2020 was a year full of reflection and made us all take a step back and realize the holes in our lives that need to be patched up. An inventory of areas that are lacking is made as we meditate on a solid list of goals that we would like to accomplish.  We get zealous in making our goals and we start the year off with a "this year will be different!" If you're like me, you make a ton of goals so that no sector of life is left out. If you're curious, I have set out to fulfill 20 goals this year. These goals are ranging from finances to physical fitness, and spiritual discipline to occupational improvement. Twenty goals can seem overwhelming  and can often be scoffed at by the non-goal setters and Anti-New Years Resolutioners, but I am up for the task with my head held high as I s

Thoughts Post-Paternity Leave

 Back to the grindstone today.   It’s incredible how much a couple of weeks off work can do for you. I have played with my kids and spent valuable time with them and they cried last night upon hearing I had to go back. As a hard nosed disciplinarian, it warms my heart that my kids love me in spite of how short I fall in being gentle with them sometimes. My kids know i care for them deeply and they know I love them beyond words and last night was a testament to that, and I am thankful to God for the firm hugs and sentimental words from them.  It was encouraging to see my wife post her heart on Instagram last night about how much I will be missed as she transitions back to caring for the kids while I am away. It gave me a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in my home life. To be honest, it was the first time I took the notion of praying with my wife in a long time, and it felt necessary. It felt right. It felt loving. It felt real.  Am I ready to go back? Not really, but in some aspect

Investments and Assets of Parenting

 In the realm of finances there are two terms that are clearly defined that can help us understand the value of something: Investments and Assets. Before I go any further, you need to understand that this is not another financial post, but defining these two things can make a difference in how we approach the actual subject of this message, so bear with me a moment.  An asset is an object that has value. So an example of that would be your car or the money in your bank account. These things have a value to them, but we know that once a value is placed on them, it is only as valuable as the societal need for them. A big example right now could be CoCoMelon Dolls. These things are flying off the shelves and then sold on eBay for three times their original value because the demand is so high for them. Some of you have no idea what a CoCoMelon doll is, but a quick Google search will show you folks around my age that it is just another hot Christmas item that can be likened to the great Tic

Hard Work and Marriage

It all starts out so simple. You spend years of your life searching for someone to spend a little time with. Nothing major, so it seems, and throughout some of those years you run upon a heartache or two. Sometimes you think it couldn’t be better until one day a glitch in the system happens and gives you some red flags about the relationship. There were times you thought you were ready just to find out that you’d much rather be alone. You spend some of those years unsure of what you’re actually looking for in a relationship. Is it a close friend? Is it the commitment? Is it the dependability of someone being there? Is it the thrill of the chase? Is it the physical attraction? Is it the compliments this person gave you? Is it the little surprises like a note on your windshield or the flowers or coffee brought to you at work? Whatever the case may be, the beginning of any relationship rarely begins with the amount of hard work that is involved with being committed to one person. If you’r